About Us

 Business Planning HQ is a next generation consulting business.  

We sell results, not software.

Our technology is used to accelerate the creation of investor grade documents for clients in The United States, United Kingdom, Europe,  Australia, New Zealand and Latin America.

Our goal is to assist business owners achieve their business objectives through the application proven planning methodology.

Over 3 years we have developed and refined the HyperQuestions technology into one of the world's most respected planning methodologies.

Our technology has been used to deliver Business Planning Events in Europe, The United States, Latin America and Australia.

In addition to working directly with entrepreneurs we work closely with the world's leading Incubators and Business Accelerators.

Marcus Tarrant Business Planning

"Our greatest challenge is that potential clients don't believe that they can create an investor grade business plan in just 4 hours."

Marcus Tarrant, Founder and CEO, Business Planning HQ  

Why are we the ideal partner for your business planning success?

Marcus Tarrant, developer of the Business Planning HQ Tookit is an experienced  management consultant who has worked for leading consulting and venture capital firms including: Deloitte Consulting, Lloyd Morgan Consulting, and Offspring Ventures.  He has assisted early stage and high growth ventures over the past 20 years in raising capital in The United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.  Marcus holds a Bachelor of Economics and a Masters in Entrepreneurship.  

One leading Venture Capital firm that recently invested $4.4m into a client company, referred to our business plan as:

"The best structured business analysis I have ever seen.  The document clearly translated strategy into financial implications, which made the investment decision straight forward."

By using Business Planning HQ's proprietary planning technique, you are employing a consultant with 20 years of senior level experience in capital raising, grant applications, and business structuring.  This process will make you think about your business in a different way and enable rapid and cost effective creation of your business planning documents. 

Our Credentials

Marcus Tarrant, founder of Business Planning HQ has over 20 years of experience in business planning.  He holds a Bachelor of Economics (Monash Univ. Melb, Aust) and a Masters In Entrepreneurship (Swinburne Univ. Melb. Aust.) 

Over the past 20 years he has worked for some of the worlds largest consulting firms including Deloitte Consulting and Lloyd Morgan Consulting. 

He has assisted some of the world's leading venture capital firms in assessing and structuring deals include 3i Plc, Innovation Capital, UniSeed, Melbourne Ventures, Stoneridge Ventures and Offspring Ventures.

Marcus has seen what works and what doesn't in business planning and capital raising.  He wanted to offer a service that early stage high potential business could afford.

Business Planning HQ was born to enable high potential ventures to leverage the benefit of this 20 years of experience.  Marcus was a lead presenter at the 2010 Australian Innovation Festival.

The HyperQuestion Approach is different.  

Business Planning HQ was developed to provide an alternative to the two traditional ways of creating a business plan; using a consultant, or buying software/ a template.

  • Consulting approaches do not always meet financial constraints of cash strapped ventures, and the results can be highly unpredictable.  Additionally this approach still takes a surprising amount of time from the business founder.
  • Software and templates have generally not been developed by those that have actually raised capital.  They are often owned and developed by software companies as just another market to sell their software.  Templates are highly variable in quality and do not ask the tough questions that investors will.

The HyperQuestion Approach is different.  The starting point was interviewing investors about what they need to know about a business to make an investment.  These investor questions were then turned into a series of questions that a business founder could easily answer.

Business Planning HQ has the exclusive license to HyperQuestion technology for Business Planning purposes.