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Business Planning
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Become an Agent of Business Planning HQ Today with no license fees

Our unique approach provides you with a business planning process, not just a template or software. 

The process helps you build and communicate your clients strategy from the ground up.

A Proven Process
Starting with a proven process ensures you have a start and end point for your client's plan ensuring you improve quality and reduce time frames.

Structure Your Thinking
Our unique HyperQuestions guide you to think about your clients business, helping you identify issues with  the business model before its too late!

Just Answer Questions
Just as consultants ask questions the toolkit will guide you to better assist your clients buy creating the questions that need to be answered to help you 
Zero in on key strategic issues.

Earn up-to 5k per Day
How much would you usually charge to develop a complete, investor quality business plan, and presentation?  Now you can do it in a day using the Business Planning HQ approach.

A Clear Plan of Action
Guide your clients thinking into a series of clear business development milestones.  The end result of the process is a clear and costed plan for the future. 

Investor Quality Documents
We create your investor quality documents from your answers to the HyperQuestions.  Developed by Masters qualified business consultant.



What do our Accounting Partners Think?

Family Business Support

"I have tried a number of business planning tools over the past 15 years, however for entrepreneurial ventures nothing even comes close to the capability and quality of documentation created with the Business Planning HQ toolkit."...More


Our unique approach provides you with a business planning process, not just a template or software.

"The process of business planning should start with a process and end with a document.  Many clients get this the wrong way around by starting with a document, and ending with a compromised result."

We have condensed 20 years of business planning experience into 10 simple process steps, supported by specific questions with relevant sample answers and video tips to guide you.

The Business Planning Tool-kit helps you focus on the process of creating critical content, whilst we take care of all of all the business planning documentation.

Develop better business plans for your clients

  • Align strategy, business model, proposed actions and financial implications
  • Obtain the 2 valuations required to create an investment return profile
  • Relax, you will look like a consulting pro
  • Consistent designer documents present a professional image

Impress Your Clients

  • Demonstrate your new expertise in strategy development
  • Help your clients clearly understand their business model and future direction
  • Designer documents present a highly professional image

Create a New Line of Business
  • Offer high value business planning services to your existing clients
  • Create passive income streams from your website or business newsletter

With the best use of your time

  • Complete your the business plan content in as little as 4-6 hours
  • Very specific questions, with tailored sample answers ensure you are on track
  • Reduces typing by 90% and eliminates document layout, formatting and administration
  • We take care of your document structure, table of contents and the order of communication
  • Enter only simple financial information and complex valuation and scenario analysis is performed for you

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2011 Agent  Testimonials

“In a “Flat World”, finding the real gems in the on-line consulting space are few and far between.  Fortunately with Business  Planninq HQ we found one."...more

Patty Smith, CEO and Founder
Patty Smith Worldwide, Philadelphia, USA

"Other methods and solutions I have tried over the years only provide a template or framework to fill in, which more often than not have left me wondering where to start.  They rarely take into consideration the fact that all the elements and facets of the business model and plan are interrelated."...more

Neil Movold, CEO and Founder
Insight NG Limited, Auckland, NZ

"Having completed the Toolkit and receiving the final Business Plan, I must congratulate your company on producing an excellent Business Planning Package"...more

Geoff Whelan, Founder and Certified Practising Accountant(CPA)
Surgiclamp, Melbourne Australia

"I rated the toolkit and business plan 5/5.  As a package, and for the cost, I was very happy with the product and would strongly recommend it to others" ...more

Richard Wyrill, Founder

Detailed Testimonials and Case Studies