One of the most effective way of obtaining new customers that are interested in your product or service, is to originate leads online.

So, you've built a great website (or you are planning to build one).  The concept of build it and they will come definitely doesn't work online.

Buying traffic is expensive (usually costing more than $1 per click), and with average conversion rates below 2 in 100, the direct cost of Pay Per Click Marketing online is $50.  The issue with this is that if you build this cost into the cost of your product, most often your conversion rate drops significantly.

Recently Google has made some significant changes to the way it ranks and rate sites.  Being on page one for your key search terms can be worth Tens of Thousands of dollars per month.  How do you access this traffic.  This video is one of the very few that I have seen that really explains the landscape in 2013.

Take heed of the issues raised in this video or ignore at your own peril.