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Acquiring Customers Online - Panda and Penguin

Posted by Marcus Shane on Wednesday, March 27, 2013, In : Customer Acquisition 
One of the most effective way of obtaining new customers that are interested in your product or service, is to originate leads online.

So, you've built a great website (or you are planning to build one).  The concept of build it and they will come definitely doesn't work online.

Buying traffic is expensive (usually costing more than $1 per click), and with average conversion rates below 2 in 100, the direct cost of Pay Per Click Marketing online is $50.  The issue with this is that if you build...
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5 Steps To Funding Business Growth

Posted by Marcus Shane on Friday, March 22, 2013, In : Funding Business Growth 
In this informative funding video, Business Coach, David Guest interviews Business Planning HQ Founder, Marcus Tarrant about what practical things need to happen in order to fund business growth.

Duration: 45 Minutes
Interviewer: David Guest, Managing Director, David Guest Coaching
Interviewee: Marcus Tarrant, Managing Director, Business Planning HQ

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About Me

Marcus Tarrant Marcus Tarrant is a leading or management consultant, entrepreneur and thought leader. He has worked for leading consulting firms including Deloitte Consulting, leading major strategy development and business planning initiatives. Business Planning HQ was developed to bring the advantages gained by employing a consultant, without the associated cost. We have developed the “Question Led Approach” to simplify the process of creating a high quality business plan. Our clients agree with our claims that we have reduced their planning times from over 1 week, to less than 4 hours.