Testimonials from Business Plan in 1 day, Sydney Wednesday 16th November.

 Absolutely Fantastic!  I have purchased thousands of dollars of other business plan software to write this plan an I’ve just finished it on the dame day I started it for less than 1k.  It forces you to focus intently on the plan at hand and not get caught up in the details.  The session helped me to ink the first plan for a new venture that I have been trying to do for six months.  Would love to see more of these events!


Nigel Moore, CEO, Moore Technology Pty. Ltd.


neat process and toolkit.  The hyperquestion process is a fantastic innovation of a pretty tedious and expensive process.  Worth every cent.  The process was easy, targeted and cost effective.  Business plan in just one day...what a fantastic idea.  I managed to document what has been rattling around in my head for months


Susan Hyland, CEO, ON3X.com


The toolkit has been fantastic – one day of intense focus on a task that has been on my to-do list for over a year.  Great leadership and guidance from Marcus in cutting through the rough to find the diamonds needed.  I would highly recommend this process, fantastic to do in a small group environment with other business owners who are passionate and motivated.  This process helped me to understand what I need to do immediately, what I need to do very the next 5 years.  It has highlighted my key challenges and given me the beginning of ideas of how to tackle these challenges.  Thank you, I was so pleased I dropped everything and made it at the last minute.


Kirsten Ainsworth, Managing Director, The Rocks Push


Excellent!  Simplifies the whole business planning process into steps that anyone can use.  Also, worded in a way that stimulates your thinking about the business in different ways.  I would definitely recommend this approach -  having done a business plan both ways (from scratch, and using the toolkit) it is definitely the most highly efficient form of writing a plan.  It will help my business in securing funding from investors.


Liz, Co-founder, Response and reason


A very easy to use, thought provoking and incisive business tool.  In one day you can get around to doing something that you should have done years ago


Adrian Lerrard, Managing Director, IDEAS