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If Only Billabong Had A Business Plan

Posted by Marcus Shane on Monday, August 27, 2012, In : Business Model 
Did anyone see the new Billabong CEO?  

Not exactly what I would have expected.  
Surfie? No  
Aussie? No

Under 50? No
Cool and Funky? No

She has only been in the role for a few months so can't yet be blamed for the terrible financial results of the company that just posted a $274m loss.

BILLABONG has revealed it will close 82 more stores as it unveiled an unexpectedly large $275.6 million loss after booking more than half a billion dollars in asset write-downs and restructuring costs. ...
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Business plans and the invisible business model

Posted by Marcus Shane on Monday, January 16, 2012, In : Business Model 
There have been many developments made in recent years in the development and explanation of a start-ups business model. Why is it that business plan templates and business planning software ignore these developments? This leads to sub optimal business plans but don't communicate as effectively as they should.

The old business planning paradigmThe 4P's of marketing have been very effective over the years, however they no longer adequately explain the complexity of business models that are evol...

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Business Planning – why is a good business model critical?

Posted by Marcus Shane on Thursday, November 25, 2010, In : Business Model 

A business model explains to the reader what all the elements of your business are and how they fit together.  The business model, of outlined correctly can also make clear on a single page, what the business does, what its core cost based might be, what its products are and how it can earn revenue from its activity.

Business models are often not well described in business plans.  Many standard business planning templates do not even have a section where the business model can be outlined an...

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