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The London Startup Show

Posted by Marcus Shane on Monday, November 26, 2012, In : Business Plan in 1 Day 
We exhibited at the London Startup Show at Olympia.  There were over 350 exhibitors and we were strategically positioned next to the Business Planning workshop series sponsored by Sage Accounting.

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For Immediate Release - Olay! Aussie Matador of Business Planning delivers for Mexican Startups

Posted by Marcus Shane on Thursday, September 27, 2012, In : Business Plan in 1 Day 

For Immediate Release

Thursday 27th September 2012

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne Based Business Planning HQ creates 10 Business Plans in 1 hour from 13,000km’s away.

Business Planning HQ, delivered 10 Business Plans in 1 hour for a “Group Virtual Consulting Event” at “The Wayra Space” in Mexico City earlier today.  The event was held for South America’s leading incubator/accelerator Program, Wayra (A division of the Telecommunications giant Telefonica).

When initially workin...

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Business Plan in 1 Day does it again in Sydney

Posted by Marcus Shane on Friday, November 18, 2011, In : Business Plan in 1 Day 

Testimonials from Business Plan in 1 day, Sydney Wednesday 16th November.

 Absolutely Fantastic!  I have purchased thousands of dollars of other business plan software to write this plan an I’ve just finished it on the dame day I started it for less than 1k.  It forces you to focus intently on the plan at hand and not get caught up in the details.  The session helped me to ink the first plan for a new venture that I have been trying to do for six months.  Would love to see more of these ev...

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What did the 76 Companies at Business Plan in 1 Day think of our approach?

Posted by Marcus Shane on Tuesday, October 11, 2011, In : Business Plan in 1 Day 
Sydney October 6th 2011


Within half a day using the Business Planning HQ Toolkit I produced a business plan that would have otherwise taken me around three months.
The result is by far a most highly leveraged business plan. With very little time input I had a very comprehensive forty page end product.

Nick Burke - Property 4 Profit Pty Ltd

I was a bit sceptical about being able to complete a useful business plan in one session – having put off doing one for years. The process was...

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