After successfully appointing 12 leading consulting, accounting and legal firms as agents in Australia, Business Planning HQ appoints its first US Authorised Agent, Patty Smith Worldwide of Philadelphia.

Patty Smith Worldwide, a leading Strategy and Risk consulting firm based in Philadelphia was the first US based Customer of the Business Planning HyperQuestion™ Toolkit in April 2011. After planning their own business in the tool, they found the results to be of such significance, that they have now (2nd April 2012) signed a significant distribution deal to become the first US based distributor of the tool.

Patty Smith, President of Patty Smith Worldwide says “After completing our own business plan using the Business Planning HQ Toolkit, we can see significant potential for this highly disruptive technology across the United States. As first a customer, and now a true believer, we are in the strongest possible position to communicate the benefits of this uniquely powerful technology”.

Patty will commence the relationship by conducting the unique Business Planning HQ MasterClass for up-to 100 businesses at the exclusive Union League of Philadelphia on April 25th. “We are fortunate to be working with Business Planning HQ on this unique event format which will enable us to assist up-to 100 businesses create an investor quality business plan in one 6 hour session”, continues Mrs Smith.

Marcus Tarrant, Founder of Business Planning HQ says, “Patty was one of the few, elite consultants who completely understood the power of HyperQuestions™ to augment or replace existing consulting approaches. We take the fact that our first US customer has decided to become a major distributor for us in the US Market as strong validation of the suitability and readiness of the technology for the US Market.”

The appointment of Patty Smith Worldwide means that Business Planning HQ will now have crucial “On the Ground” coverage and support for the Business Planning HQ Toolkit on the East cost of the United States. The master distributor relationship enables Patty Smith Worldwide to grow end customer and other distributors relationships across the United States.
About Business Planning HQ

Marcus Tarrant, the founder of is a leading or management consultant, entrepreneur and thought leader in the field of business planning and entrepreneurship. He has been intereviewed on television, radio and by key financial newspapers and journals. Marcus has a Bachelor of Economics and a Masters in Entrepreneurship. He has worked for leading strategy consulting firms including Deloitte Consulting and Lloyd Morgan, where he managed larged teams of consultants on highly complex planning initiatives. Business Planning HQ was developed to bring the advantages gained by employing a consultant, without the associated cost. Business Planning HQ has an exclusive license to the HyperQuestion technology to rapidly accelerate the time taken to develop a business plan from Days or Weeks to just a few hours.

About Patty Smith Worldwide

Patty Smith Worldwide is a Philadelphia Based management consulting firm with deep experience in:

• Mergers, Acquisitions and Consolidations

• Performance goal setting and alignment

• The Dodd Frank Act

• Change management

Patty is the lead architect in the firm's practice framework and breakthrough internal environment solutions. These were designed to support the enterprise wide risk management function, reduce total cost of risk and improve business performance. Patty is a trusted management and business adviser with a global network of contacts and resources rooted in executive risk and protection circles.


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