Not all business plans are created equal. 

After creating hundreds of successful business plans, we have come to understand some of the key elements that determine planning success.

Many first time planners focus on the template or layout of the plan.  Whilst a clear, well presented plan is important, it is not sufficient to raise capital, obtain a loan, or interest partners or collaborators in your business.

The business concept, business model and execution approach are at the heart of a successful business plan.  These core elements need to be backed up with factual references where possible. 

Question led business planning is a proven technique that has been pioneered by Business Planning HQ as a result of thousands of consulting hours assisting clients build better business plans.

The consulting approach by and large is one where a series of targeted questions are asked to guide the client to the creation of a clear business concept, business model and execution strategy.  Through experience we have found that these questions are often the ones asked by investors, partners or collaborators, and by answering them throughout the planning process, we are able to provide a substantial increase in the quality and consistency of a plan.

Thorough document automation, we have been able to reduce the costly process of consulting input but directly using the answers to questions throughout a well structured and proven business planning document.

Being able to focus exclusively on the answers to a series of targeted questions enables the business planner to communicate their plan with a significantly greater degree of clarity.  Clarity and consistency between business planning elements are often considered to be significant indicators of a poor quality plan.  Describing a business is not like describing an object, it is comprised of many interlinked moving parts.  Clearly outlining the intersection of these parts and the fact that they fit together neatly like a jigsaw puzzle, leads the reader to greater clarity about your proposed business.