For Immediate Release

Thursday 27th September 2012

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne Based Business Planning HQ creates 10 Business Plans in 1 hour from 13,000km’s away.

Business Planning HQ, delivered 10 Business Plans in 1 hour for a “Group Virtual Consulting Event” at “The Wayra Space” in Mexico City earlier today.  The event was held for South America’s leading incubator/accelerator Program, Wayra (A division of the Telecommunications giant Telefonica).

When initially working with Wayra Mexico, Business Planning HQ created a trial plan for one of their incubator companies (Nok Noker).

“ We learned today that Nok Noker has gone on to raise USD $350k with the documentation they generated in the workshop”, says Marcus Tarrant, Founder of Business Planning HQ.

Business Planning HQ’s ability to deliver for Wayra in Mexico is the result of 2 years continued development and refinement of the Business Planning HQ Toolkit.  The Toolkit enables one facilitator to consult to up-to 50 companies at once with every company receiving a completed business plan, pitch pack and investor  brochure.   The unique Business Planning HQ technology and event format was pioneered in Australia, before being taken to Silicon Valley.  “Following a trial at the Plug and Play Incubator in Silicon Valley earlier this year, there has been significant interesting from across the world in running these events”, says Marcus Tarrant, Founder of Business Planning HQ.

Using a proprietary “Virtual Consulting” technology known HyperQuestions® with one on-site facilitator we were able to create investment grade documents for can enable up-to 100 companies to create a complete investor grade business plan, pitch pack and investment brochure in a six hour frenzy of activity.

Unlike traditional business planning approaches, HyperQuestions® tailor to each business as it progresses through a proven planning methodology.  This means that every company in the room experiences unique insight, and is able to resolve key strategic issues as they plan.  The answers to the HyperQuestions are then fed into the “HyperQuestions Engine” (Australian IP) which enhances the answers, values the business and leverages the content.  Using this technology that the user only enters 800 words and receives a 6,000 word investor quality business plan, 16 slide pitch pack, and investment brochure.

Unlike software, HyperQuestions use embedded logic to drive the company to strategic breakthroughs, trade-offs and decisions.

Marcus Tarrant, Managing Director of Business Planning HQ says, “We are very pleased to be able to work with an organisation of the profile of Telefonica, and are pleased to be able to supports its mission to accelerate the development of Ideas into growth enterprises.  We have proven the effectiveness of our technology in delivering group based business planning outcomes, even where English is a second language.”

A similar event was recently held for the ANZ Innovyz Start program in Adelaide.  Brett Burford, CEO of Credit Key, who was one of the 10 participating Innovyz Start companies in the says, I found the Business Planning HQ approach motivating, yet challenging. It certainly pushed me to consider aspects of my company that I had previously not done.  I have not come across a more productive way to get a business plan done.”

In addition to the traditional challenges associated with group based business planning, for Telefonica we have the additional challenge of language.  The attendees at the Mexico City event are all Spanish native speakers, with English as a second language.  The nature of the Business Planning HQ technology enables many of the language barriers to be overcome, even within a compressed timeframe.

Business Planning HQ is working with a number of other global Accelerators, Incubators and Training programs to enable truly global delivery of consulting services.

About Business Planning HQ

Business Planning HQ is a Melbourne Based company specialising in the rapid delivery of investor quality business planning documents. We have developed a unique approach to business planning that uses a combination of process an questions (known as HyperQuestions) to reduce the time taken to produce investor quality documentation from weeks or months to just on day.

Marcus Tarrant, founder of Business Planning HQ has over 20 years of experience in business planning. He holds a Bachelor of Economics (Monash Univ. Melb, Aust) and a Masters In Entrepreneurship (Swinburne Univ. Melb. Aust.)

Over the past 20 years he has worked for some of the worlds largest consulting firms including Deloitte Consulting and Lloyd Morgan Consulting.
He has assisted some of the world's leading venture capital firms in assessing and structuring deals include 3i Plc, Innovation Capital, UniSeed, Melbourne Ventures, Stoneridge Ventures and Offspring Ventures.


About Wayra

Wayra is the startup accelerator arm of Telefonica, South America’s leading telecommunications company.  Wayra has 12 academies across South America and Europe and have accelerated 172 digital and mobile technologies.

Wayra Mexico is responsible for the acceleration of 10 high profile start-ups each year.