We spent a very wintery weekend at the Melbourne Franchise and Business Opportunities Expo.  As the vast majority of our business is done online, this was a great opportunity for us to engage directly with Start-Up businesses, Franchisees and Franchisors.

There were approximately 3,000 attendees at the show in varied stages of business development.  Some were looking for franchises to purchase, other already had an established master franchise or license arrangement from the United States or Europe, and others were just scouting for great business ideas.

We were fortunate to meet with a number of accounting and legal firms that will be become agents of the Business Planning HQ Toolkit. 
Special thanks to The Mill advertising for developing the stand graphics. We even had several attendees stop, review the stand and ask if they could take a picture to post on twitter!

Overall we were very pleased with the outcome of the event and have already been able to provide business planning support and direction to a number of the attendees.