A consultant can help you to better define your business strategy and succinctly outline this in plan.  Whilst you may believe that a consultant led planning process may deliver an improved result, is it worth the cost?

Business Planning Key 1 - How clear is your business strategy?

If you are unclear about how you intend to enter or grow your market, then consulting assistance can help with your planning process.  Sometimes business owners are too close to the issues and a series of carefully worded questions can help the owner to “see the wood for the trees”.  This consultative approach usually involves asking a series of questions about the business which potentially highlight inconsistencies in logic.  Addressing these logical inconsistencies makes for a clear and concise business plan.

Business Planning Key 2 -  Do you know enough about the criteria your target audience will apply when assisting your business plan?

When writing any communication, often the best place to start is with an understanding of your target audience and what they might like to see in your document.  For those that have not raised capital or sought a loan previously, obtaining an in depth understanding of the target audience “hot buttons” can take too long.  This is where a consultant can assist.  They will pre-empt many of the questions the target audience might raise.  By answering these questions throughout the construction of the business plan, the target audience will more warmly receive the communication.

Business Planning Key 3 – Obtaining the best of business plan consulting without the cost

Business Planning HQ.com has created a unique approach called “Question Led” business planning that offers you the benefits of using an expensive consultant for not much more than the cost of purchasing a template.  To create this proven approach we have built hundreds of different business plans for clients in a wide range of industries.  The audience for the business plan generally has a fixed series of questions about the business.  Through experience we have managed to boil down hundreds of business plans and identify their key success criteria.  Our clients are able to leverage this experience and simply build their plan by answering a simple series of questions in their own time.