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The 5 Critical Steps to Funding Business Growth

Posted by Marcus Shane on Thursday, April 4, 2013, In : Funding Business Growth 

Often raising funding is a life or death issue for businesses seeking to grow. Even the most successful businesses get to a point where they need to raise capital in order to move to the next level.



If you want to...

·         grow locally or internationally,

·         prepare for a major marketing push,

·         access funding via grants, debt or raising capital,

·         a step by step process to raising the funding you need.

This session will provide you with 5 concrete things you nee...

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Business Planning HQ Customer Grid Tential Raises $1m in Equity Funding

Posted by Marcus Shane on Wednesday, April 3, 2013, In : Raising Capital 

Roda Group, the venture capital investor that’s the largest shareholder in the biofuel companySolazyme Inc. (SZYM), is backing a startup using advanced production techniques to improve storage performance of standard lead-acid batteries.

Gridtential Energy Inc. received a $1 million seed investment from Roda, the San Jose, California-based battery company said today in an e-mailed statement. It will use the money to develop and test a prototype product by next year, with the goal of starting...

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5 Steps To Funding Business Growth

Posted by Marcus Shane on Friday, March 22, 2013, In : Funding Business Growth 
In this informative funding video, Business Coach, David Guest interviews Business Planning HQ Founder, Marcus Tarrant about what practical things need to happen in order to fund business growth.

Duration: 45 Minutes
Interviewer: David Guest, Managing Director, David Guest Coaching
Interviewee: Marcus Tarrant, Managing Director, Business Planning HQ

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4 Tips on Finding Angel Investment

Posted by Marcus Shane on Wednesday, August 17, 2011, In : Raising Capital 


Many  Startup Founders are interested in  finding  Angel Funding.  Many startup businesses need funding in order to realise their plans. As a result of the downturn and GFC, traditional capital sources such as Venture Capital are less interested in investing in early stage businesses.  Many founders do not know where to look for Angel funding or what documentation they may need in order to attract angels..  Leading web based startups are using angel groups a a way of identifying and e...

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Raising Capital to Fund your Capital Raising

Posted by Marcus Shane on Friday, June 24, 2011, In : Raising Capital 
Raising capital can be a time consuming and costly exercise.  It is critical to ensure you have enough funding to make it through the capital raising process.  Even small capital raisings can cost 30-50k to run.  Founders need to dedicate an average of 1 day per month for 6 months to the process, and ensure that they have sufficient funds to engage specialist advisors and lawyers to ensure that capital is raised in accordance with local legislation, and that all parties are adequately protect...
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Where do I go for Venture Capital in The United States?

Posted by Marcus Tarrant on Monday, February 7, 2011, In : Venture Capital 
Business Planning must have a purpose.  If you are planning to raise capital, this list of Venture Capital firms and their technology specialities, might help you to get started.
Below is a list of notable Venture capital firms. ...
Name Location Founding date Managing Partners/Directors Current Specialty Capital managed
Accel Partners Palo Alto, CA 1983 Technology
Atlas Venture Waltham, MA 1980 Barry Fidelman Technology and Life Sciences

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