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If Only Billabong Had A Business Plan

Posted by Marcus Shane on Monday, August 27, 2012, In : Business Model 
Did anyone see the new Billabong CEO?  

Not exactly what I would have expected.  
Surfie? No  
Aussie? No

Under 50? No
Cool and Funky? No

She has only been in the role for a few months so can't yet be blamed for the terrible financial results of the company that just posted a $274m loss.

BILLABONG has revealed it will close 82 more stores as it unveiled an unexpectedly large $275.6 million loss after booking more than half a billion dollars in asset write-downs and restructuring costs. ...
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Innovativity - Manufacturing Training on Business Planning

Posted by Marcus Shane on Monday, August 1, 2011, In : Business Planning Training 

BUSINESS PLANNING HQ recently assisted the Advanced Manufacturing CRC (AMCRC) in the development of a four day innovation management training program for Australian manufacturers, designed to enhance their understanding and innovation capability.

The program – Innovativity - is designed to propel Australian innovators into global manufacturing and aims to provide Australian manufacturing companies with the innovation training to overcome one of today’s biggest growth obstacles – how to...

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