After years in senior level consulting positions, and creating hundreds of business plans, we have found the secret to a successful business plan.  The critical business planning secret, is asking the right questions.  As the business founder, you need to be asking the questions that an investor, banker, potential partner, or customer would ask.

Whilst a high grade consultant can assist you by asking these questions, this approach can be quite cost prohibitive for many businesses, with plans costing upward of $25k USD.

We have pioneered a new approach to business planning called “Question Led Business Planning”.  This approach leverages our experience in building hundreds high end business plans for clients. 

Marcus Tarrant, CEO of Business Planning HQ says

We know the questions that need to be asked to prepare a quality business plan and our clients know the answers.  Why not take the cost out of the planning process by populating those answers directly into the business plan?”

This approach has been proven to:

Improve the clarity of message – by just answering specific questions, the content is far more targeted than what most people are able to achieve when writing freeform

Accelerate the business planning process – For most businesses it will take at least 5 days of effort to prepare a business plan with high level financials.  The Business Planning HQ approach reduces the effort required to less than 4 hours, and provides a simple guided structure.

Remove the burden of sentence structuring – The requirement to clearly structure sentances can distract a non-professional writer from the core messages they are trying to communicate.  By simply answering a question, the requirement for sentence structuring is much reduced.

Eliminate the need for consideration of the document structure – Many businesses will spend days even weeks, just settling on the right structure.  With Business Planning HQ structural issues are taken care of by experts that have created hundreds of plans.

Enable an automatically generated Pitch Pack – Because the answers to questions are the source of content in a question led approach.  These answers are highly re-usable in a variety of forms, from one page overviews, to an entire pitch pack.  This approach provides the flexibility to automate much documentation associated with the business planning and presentation process.