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The  C A P I T A L  A C C E S S  Package

Business Planning Package


  • The 4 Hour Business Planning HQ Toolkit
A Qualified Consultant will then create your
  • 40 Page Business Plan
  • 16 Slide Business Presentation
  • Investor Memorandum
Enter your answers in the Business Planning HQ Toolkit once and all required investment grade documents are created within 24 hours.

Includes all the documentation required to obtain business meetings, conduct an a pitch of your business and a 35+ page investor quality business plan.

All documents can be customised and are delivered in standard Microsoft Office Format.


If for any reason you are unhappy with your documents, notify us within 7 days and we will issue a full refund. 

Components of The Capital Raising Package


1. The Business Planning HQ (HyperQuestion) Toolkit 

The Toolkit is at the core of our approach to business planning.  It employs the use of consultant style questions to assist you refine your business strategy, proposed plans, and the financial implications of these.

The Toolkit is a very highly engineered Excel File that acts to both capture and process the information you enter.

The true power of the toolkit is only realised once the documents are created from the information entered.

The video below will give you an understanding of the layout of the toolkit, its simplicity, and some of the key areas covered.

The Business Planning HQ (HyperQuestion) Toolkit employs the power of HyperQuestions.

It is a unique set of consulting questions which have been structured to exacting standards under an exclusive license agreement to the HyperQuestion Technology. This technology enables dramatic simplification of the business planning questions by using a series of 'process-based question funnels'.

"By using the HyperQuestion approach we ensure that the questions are relevant to your company.  Every character you enter into the toolkit is used multiple times across multiple documents.

"This enables us to generate questions that are relevant to your business without the need for a physical consultant.  The answers to earlier questions are used to automatically build later questions.  When these HyperQuestions are arranged into a structured process, we are able to lead you through the process of creating your strategy, business model, proposed plans & actions, and financial analysis.

Questions which you answer once are populated in multiple places in multiple documents.  Clients generally find that the toolkit takes 4-6 hours of effort to complete.

Please see the video to the right for a run through of the Toolkit.

For Detailed Features and Benefits of the Tookit, see here.


2. The Business Plan Document 

 Click Image Above for Further Detail

The business plan has been developed based on 20 years of experience in business planning, a Masters in Entrepreneurship and a Bachelor of Economics.  Our business plans have raised in excess of USD $10m in funding for early stage and high growth enterprises.

 The business plan covers the key "Hot Buttons" investors, partners and financiers are seeking to understand.  

The plan has been developed to align and communicate your strategy, proposed actions, and the financial implications of these.

The designer template utilised provides a professional look and feel.

Any images and logo's that you have added to the Business Planning HQ Toolkit will be entered in appropriate places throughout the plan.

 Your business plan includes the following key components:

  • Venture Profile
  • 2 Column Executive Summary
  • Table of Contents
  • The Value Proposition and Window of Opportunity
  • Customer and Market Profiles
  • A detailed map of your business model
  • Detailed business analysis
  • Key development milestones
  • Business Valuation (Current and at 5 years)
  • Calculated investment return
  • Financial scenario analysis.

The video (right) runs through the key elements of the business plan.


The quality of your plan is directly related to the quality of your answers to the questions in the Business Planning HQ Toolkit.


3. The Investor Overview 

Click Image Above for Details

The Investor Overview is a 1 - 2 page overview on your business.

It is a particularly useful document, as it contains enough information to tempt potential partners or investors, without the need for a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Brochure style layout makes it easy to read.

We find this document an essential part of investor or business marketing, this document is often sent to secure an initial meeting.

4. The Business Presentation 

Click Image Above for Details

We have delivered hundreds of business pitches, and our knowledge of what works has been  embodied in this presentation.

The presentation is a condensed version of your business plan.

It incorporates the same graphical style and highlights key facts about your business and your plan.

The presentation has been developed to enable it to be delivered easily and with confidence.


Business Planning Package

 Capital Access Package


Business Plan only $540