We create your investor quality documents 

35-40 Page Strategic Business Plan Including Financials (Cash Flow) 

Once you have completed your answers to the questions provided in the toolkit, we will go to work to create your investor quality documents.

We use the term investor quality to indicate that the documents are of a suitable quality to raise investment to $2m.  Many of our business plans are not used for investment purposes, but it provides our clients piece of mind to know that the logic and financial forecasts are of a suitable quality.

As part of the document creation process, we manually write and review your business plan.  We create graphs, project plans and establish and analyse scenarios based on the information you entered.

The information in the business plan kept in sync with the information entered in your other documents, so that you can be confident that you are presenting consistent information.

The business plan is designed as a "commercial in confidence" document that can be provided to trusted partners, or third parties under a Non Disclosure Agreement.


16 Slide Business Opportunity Presentation  

After having been called in by major Venture Capital firms in Australia, Europe and the United States to help their investee companies present to investors, we know what works.

We have delivered hundreds of business pitches, and our knowledge of what works this knowledge is in the DNA of your presentation..

It incorporates the same graphical style and highlights key facts about your business and your plan.

The presentation has been developed to enable it to be delivered easily and with confidence.


The Investor Overview is a 1 page overview on your business.

It is a particularly useful document, as it contains enough information to tempt potential partners or investors, without the need for a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Brochure style layout makes it easy to read.

We find this document an essential part of investor or business marketing, this document is often sent to secure an initial meeting.