Frequently Asked Questions

Can I split the 4 hours up over multiple sessions?

Of Course!

The 4 Hour HyperQuestions program is downloaded to your computer and built in Excel 2007. You can access the file just as you would access any Excel file.

Simply complete the Progam at your leisure and return to us at any time within the next 3 months for our consultant to create your document(s)

Is information about my business kept confidential?


Confidentiality and security are paramount to our services. We provide consulting services to the Venture Capital Industry, Defence and Government Agencies, all whom have strict confidentiality requirements. Our End User License agreement includes a mutual confidentiality clause to cover both parties.

We have created hundreds of business plans for companies from Mexico to Dublin, from Australia to Silicon Valley, and ensure that your business plan is kept confidential

Is it really possible to create a quality business plan in Just 4 Hours?

Yes - This is only made possible with the revolutionary HyperQuestions Technology

HyperQuestions ensure that you focus on the business strategy and our consultants focus on your documentation. This approach has been completed by clients in as little as 3 hours, others may spend more time. There is no time limit, however on average, clients take 4 hours to complete the HyperQuestions Program. As we also use this technology in Business Planning Events, we are confident of the time required by the average user.

The timeframe would not be achievable without HyperQuestions and it will typically take an expert 4-6 weeks to create an equivalent level document.

I don't yet have a structured business will this help me?


The HyperQuestions approach is very much like sitting down with a consultant to develop a business model and investment proposition. The tool will point you to area's of your idea or business that you might not yet have considered. It will help you craft a clear plan of action and investment proposition from your business idea.

Does the Progam work on both PC and Mac?


You need to be running MS Office 2007 or later for Mac or PC to operate the program. If you do not have MS Office you can download a free 30 day trial from Microsoft.

My business is unique, will HyperQuestions help me?


HyperQuestions use your answers to questions to dynamically generate future questions in the tool. We use embedded logic rather than fixed questioning, which ensurest that the system tailors specifically to your business as you progress

I am not confident with the Financials, will I have a problem?

To use the 4 Hour HyperQuestions Program, you do not need to know excel or financial modelling. By building your business model first we dramatically simplify the process of completing high level financial forecasts.

Is this any different from writing a document?


Using the 4 Hour Business Planning Program is nothing like writing a document. At no stage are you required to construct a sentence. You simply respond to the questions, using sample answers and prompts to guide you. The approach reduces your entry to just 600-800 words, and we create a 6,000 word business plan with business valuation and a complete investment profile.


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