Just answer a series of HyperQuestions 

The 4 Hour HyperQuestions Program is created in MS Excel 2007.  As you will see the Program is nothing like writing a document. 

You never even need to construct a complete sentance.  Just focus on answering the dynamically generating questions and we will take care of your document structure, document formatting and content creation.

HyperQuestions technology is unique to Business Planning HQ.

HyperQuestions break down complex investor questions into a series of simple and easy to answer questions that guide you to answer only what is important.

This virtual consulting approach mirrors the approach used by real consultants, by using your answers to questions to generate further questions.

These questions are embedded in a best practice consulting methodology to ensure all key elements of your plan are covered.

The example above illustrates how HyperQuestions work.  

Click on the brochure cover (right) to download the HyperQuestions brochure.

HyperQuestions Brochure