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Fantastic!  I learned so much about my own company and it has made me think more about strategies the outlook for our company.  The Business Planning Toolkit is the easiest system that I have ever encountered to develop a business plan, very user friendly.  

Maria Miasari, Founder, Mirea Lingerie and Swimwear 

Getting Started Ain't Easy 

Starting a business is one of the most complex and difficult things most people will attempt in their lifetime.  Below are a couple of tips to help you navigate the maze more effectively.  More tips and articles can be found on our Blog

What makes it so difficult?

Ambiguity.  When starting a business there are so many different possible directions you can take.  Taking them all results in a sure fire way to fail as your resources are spread to thin.  One way or another you need to find a clear direction and focus.  This focus enables you to make headway, however often reduces the number of of other options that are available to you.  This means that you focus needs to be checked and re-checked (without becoming distracted).  You need to be flexible to change strategy if your current one is not working effectively.  Knowing when and how to do this is the art of a great entrepreneur.

What can I do to find direction?

Even if you have started a number of businesses before, each company has its own unique fingerprint, its own market characteristics, customer preferences, cost of marketing and purchase frequency.  Business Planning HQ has over 20 years experience in assisting new and expert entrepreneurs know exactly what to do and when.  We have developed 2 technologies to specifically address these issues.  HyperQuestions will guide you through the challenges of finding overall direction and strategy in your business.  HyperSteps will then assist you in efficiently executing the tasks you need to do in order to make your strategy a reality.

These two revolutionary technologies have been developed specifically for you by a Masters Qualified consultant with experience in consulting to leading companies including, NASA, US Department of Defence, Defence Science Technology Organisation, CSIRO, Nicta, and leading Incubators, Accelerators and venture capital firms.

Don't waste your time in chasing an opportunity that doesn't a structural chance of success, if you are at the opportunity stage, why not give the Opportunity Assessment Tool a run.



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