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The Business Planning HQ Toolkit


The 4 Hour HyperQuestions Toolkit (MS Excel)

Consulting time for us to create and edit your 40 Page Strategic Business Plan (MS Word) from your answers.

The Business Planning HQ Toolkit Pro 


The 4 Hour HyperQuestions Toolkit (MS Excel)

Consulting time for us to create and edit your 40 Page Strategic Business Plan (MS Word), 12 Slide Pitch Pack and Investor Overview Document

About HyperQuestions

HyperQuestions simulate the traditional consulting process, by asking you questions that make you think.

The logical alignment of your vision, strategy, business model and financial implications is what makes a great business plan.  HyperQuestions make this process very easy.

The questions generate dynamically, driving you to focus on the critical issues for your business.  


HyperQuestions were created from an investors perspective   What are the key questions sitting in the mind of potential investors of your business?  We interviewed dozens of professional and angel investors to find out.  We then arranged these questions into an easy 10 step process to create HyperQuestions. 


By answering specific questions about your business, you never need to write a paragraph.  If you can answer simple, clearly presented questions about your business, you can use HyperQuestions.   The HyperQuestions program takes 4 hours to complete, then a consultant creates your documents within 24 hours.


HyperQuestions reduce the typing required by the business owner by approximately 90%.  A consultant takes your 600-900 words and creates a 6,000 word document for you. 


Our consultants will create a winning business plan, pitch pack and investment memorandum from your answers to the HyperQuestions 

Easy Financials

HyperQuestions tailor to your business as you progress through the program.  Every question has a relevant sample answer to guide the way you think about answering the question.  The process has been developed specifically to make completing the financials seamless and simple.

See a run-through of the HyperQuestions Program

About your Documents

Once we receive your HyperQuestion Program responses, your Business Plan is created by our team of consultants.

Your 40 Page Business Plan

The business plan format has been developed based on 20 years of experience in business planning, a Masters in Entrepreneurship and a Bachelor of Economics.  

Our business plans have raised in excess of USD $50m in funding for early stage and high growth enterprises.

The business plan covers the key "Hot Buttons" that investors, partners and financiers are seeking to understand.  

Your business plan will align and communicate your strategy, proposed action and the financial implications of these.

Your business plan includes the following key components:

  • The Value Proposition and Window of Opportunity
  • Customer and Market Profiles
  • A detailed map of your business model
  • Detailed business analysis
  • Key development milestones
  • Business Valuation (Current and at 5 years)
  • Calculated investment return
  • Financial scenario analysis.

A sample Business Plan created with HyperQuestions 

 The Investor Memorandum is a 1  page overview on your business.

It is a particularly useful document, as it contains enough information to tempt potential partners or investors, without the need for a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Brochure style layout makes it easy to read.

We find this document an essential part of investor or business marketing, this document is often sent to secure an initial meeting.

The Business Presentation 

 Click image above for details 

We have delivered hundreds of business pitches, and our knowledge of what works has been  embodied in this presentation.

The presentation is a condensed version of your business plan.

It incorporates the same graphical style and highlights key facts about your business and your plan.

The presentation has been developed to enable it to be delivered easily and with confidence.

 The Business Planning HQ Toolkit 

The Business Planning HQ Toolkit Pro