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"Thank you so much for building this awesome tool.  It guided me through the maze of free things that I really needed to do to ensure my site would be found in Google...and it worked."

Paulette Griswald, CEO, PortraitSimple.com

Why you need the 60 Day SEO Plan.

Traffic Traffic Traffic.  You can either pay Google for traffic, (usually $1-$3 per click) or your could gain free, relevant traffic to your site with this powerful and incisive tool that helps you navigate through a maze of free tools and actions that need to be performed.

Whilst Search Engine Marketing (Paying per click) is an expense, the 60 Day SEO plan is an investment.  It took the author over a year of trial and error to finally develop this highly structured process that anyone can follow.  All you need to do is update the start date of your project, and the next 60 days of activity will be magically planned for you.

The SEO plan is created in one of the world's leading excel based project planning tools (Chartgantt).  The product was originally created and sold exclusively to SEO firms looking for an edge and is now available to business founders.

What makes it so useful?

There is so much free stuff on the web, keyword tools, article authoring tools, platforms, publishing tools, analytics packages etc.  Understanding what these things are and in what order to use them will take you many months.  The 60 Day SEO plan navigates you through this maze so that you can get outcomes faster, with less frustration and cost.

What outcomes can I expect?

The 60 Day SEO plan will deliver you a better on-line business.  Firstly by assisting you to us Cananonical principles in domain name selection will significantly increase the ongoing value of your business.  The tool will help you attract free, relevant traffic to your site quickly, without using third party services which can cost several thousand dollars each month.

Thirdly the tool will keep you on track.  By using the world's premier project planning solution as the base, you are able to easily see what you have to do, and what you have already done.

When should I start the SEO Plan?

If you are planning to do anything online, and don't use the 60 Day SEO plan, you are probably wasting your time and money.  As the SEO plan leads you through everything from Domain Name Selection to Hubs and Lenses, you need to get things structured correctly from the outset.

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*The 60 Day SEO plan is built in Excel 2007 and does not contain Macro's.  It can be installed on up to 2 computers.  The system is compatible with Mac and PC's running Excel 2007 or later.

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