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The Business planning HQ Process has given us and our business many benefits. We are now 100% focused on our new business vision with a concrete plan to achieve it. The online tutorials and consultation time with Marcus have been enormously beneficial both as a resource and provides for a structured, well presented business plan. I recommend the toolkit to any business owner/operator wanting to increase revenue, performance and asset value.

Rachael Kung, Managing Director, Cleantech UV

Start Me Up

Ok, so i'm in start-up mode.  You might already have developed a technology, product, service, website, store...or something.  You are either ready to start building your business or start selling product and need a clear and precise plan of activity to ensure that you move to the next stage.

It won't be easy, but hopefully with some simple strategy development tools from Business Planning HQ, we can make things a little easier.

Spending days or weeks creating your business plan simply doesn't make any sense when there is consultant level technology available such as HyperQuestions.  Our HyperQuestion technology can reduce your planning time-frame to just hours rather than days.

What can I do to find direction?

Even if you have started a number of businesses before, each company has its own unique fingerprint, its own market characteristics, customer preferences, cost of marketing and purchase frequency.  Business Planning HQ has over 20 years experience in assisting new and expert entrepreneurs know exactly what to do and when.  We have developed 2 technologies to specifically address these issues.  HyperQuestions will guide you through the challenges of finding overall direction and strategy in your business.  HyperSteps will then assist you in efficiently executing the tasks you need to do in order to make your strategy a reality.

These two revolutionary technologies have been developed specifically for you by a Masters Qualified consultant with experience in consulting to leading companies including, NASA, US Department of Defence, Defence Science Technology Organisation, CSIRO, Nicta, and leading Incubators, Accelerators and venture capital firms.

Don't waste your time in chasing an opportunity that doesn't a structural chance of success, if you are at the opportunity stage, why not give the Opportunity Assessment Tool a run.



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