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Testimonials December 2011

Video Testimonial 

by the Winners of Startup Weekend Melbourne

James Drucza and Mathew Ho, Co-Founders of innovative moblile app developer, Native Tongue.

Why not check out their first product on Android - Mandarin Madness!

Testimonial Recorded at The York Butter Factory Incubator, December 2011

 The Business planning HQ Process has given us and our business many benefits. We are now 100% focused on our new business vision with a concrete plan to achieve it. The online tutorials and consultation time with Marcus have been enormously beneficial both as a resource and provides for a structured, well presented business plan. I recommend the toolkit to any business owner/operator wanting to increase revenue, performance and asset value.

Rachel Kung, Managing Director, Cleantech UV

 "I have tried a number of business planning tools over the past 15 years, however for entrepreneurial ventures nothing even comes close to the capability and quality of documentation created with the Business Planning HQ toolkit.

We started with an unstructured patented opportunity and following a 4 hour workshop we were done.  The session had created a well reasoned investment proposition. We sent the completed Toolkit back to Business Planning HQ at the end of the session and within 12 hours received a 40 page business plan, investor brochure, an investor presentation slide deck.

Business Planning Presentation

Quite frankly we were amazed by the quality of the documentation. From the content to the design, to the graphics, and even the font!

There is no doubt that there is simply no faster way to formulate an investment proposition and create such high quality documentation. Following the delivery of the documents Business Planning HQ even provided advice on how to go about raising capital by the use of a convertible note.

I am confident that the approach and resulting documentation presented this opportunity in its best possible light, substantially enhancing the viability of the business.

I would highly recommend this unique approach to other entrepreneurial ventures seeking to create investment class documents.

We will definitely be using the Toolkit again for other client engagements.

Thanks to Marcus for building such a valuable virtual consulting approach."

Angelo Coco BEc, Chartered Accountant, Accredited FBA (Family Business Advisor),  Principal, Family Business Support

 “In a “Flat World” finding the real gems in the online consulting space are few and far between.  Fortunately with Business  Planninq HQ we found one that practices the highest levels of professionalism and who importantly share our firm’s online productivity, economy and first class client experience goals.  We found that we were able to get very complex and sensitive things done, "right now".

This is what I like to call "players in the league of exceptional facility".  The Business Planning HQ tool is a remarkably sophisticated and simple tool that clearly delivers on all of these important points! Marcus Tarrant is a first class player and his firm is a real gem, in our world!”

Patty Smith, CEO and Chair, Patty Smith Worldwide Inc, Philadelphia, USA


Fantastic!  I learned so much about my own company and it has made me think more about strategies the outlook for our company.  The toolkit is the easiest system that I have ever encountered to develop a business plan, very user friendly.  

It has helped our business by identifying key points that I should improve, and key points that we're doing well (and could be done even better) to increase our profits in the future.

I am so happy to have finally finished my business plan in 1 day, after 1 year of attempting it.  

I would certainly recommend this approach to all business owners, whether they're just starting out or @ mature points.  Its always good to review your strategies, competitors and alliances.  If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail..

Maria Miasari, Mirea Lingerie and Swimwear, Melbourne, Australia 

I found the customer service excellent and Marcus at Business Planning HQ was available to provide fast and efficient assistance.  I rated the Toolkit and Business Plan as 5/5.  As a package, and for the cost I was very happy with the product and would highly recommend it to others.  Thanks Again.

Richard Wyrill, Founder and CEO, Preapprovemyloan.com.au Melbourne, Australia

I found that the approach used in The Tool-kit, - asking a series of targeted questions resulted in an enjoyable and rewarding outcome

Other methods and solutions I have tried over the years only provide a template or framework to fill in, which more often than not have left me wondering where to start.  They rarely take into consideration the fact that all the elements and facets of the business model and plan are interrelated.  The result of these other approaches is an outcome that has been superficial at best.

The various documents and output from the toolkit process exceeded my expectations and their value has been quickly realised.  I have highly recommended this approach to others and I certainly look forward to using the Business Planning HQ again in the future. 

Neil Movold, CEO, InsightNG Limited, Auckland, New Zealand

What did Attendees at Business Plan in 1 Day think?

Testimonials from Business Plan in 1 day - November 2011

Absolutely Fantastic!  I have purchased thousands of dollars of other business plan software to write this plan an I’ve just finished it on the dame day I started it for less than 1k.  It forces you to focus intently on the plan at hand and not get caught up in the details.  The session helped me to ink the first plan for a new venture that I have been trying to do for six months.  Would love to see more of these events!

Nigel Moore, CEO, Moore Technology Pty. Ltd.

Great process and toolkit.  The hyperquestion process is a fantastic innovation of a pretty tedious and expensive process.  Worth every cent.  The process was easy, targeted and cost effective.  Business plan in just one day...what a fantastic idea.  I managed to document what has been rattling around in my head for months

Susan Hyland, CEO, ON3X.com

The toolkit has been fantastic – one day of intense focus on a task that has been on my to-do list for over a year.  Great leadership and guidance from Marcus in cutting through the rough to find the diamonds needed.  I would highly recommend this process, fantastic to do in a small group environment with other business owners who are passionate and motivated.  This process helped me to understand what I need to do immediately, what I need to do very the next 5 years.  It has highlighted my key challenges and given me the beginning of ideas of how to tackle these challenges.  Thank you, I was so pleased I dropped everything and made it at the last minute.

Kirsten Ainsworth, Managing Director, The Rocks Push

Excellent!  Simplifies the whole business planning process into steps that anyone can use.  Also, worded in a way that stimulates your thinking about the business in different ways.  I would definitely recommend this approach -  having done a business plan both ways (from scratch, and using the toolkit) it is definitely the most highly efficient form of writing a plan.  It will help my business in securing funding from investors.

Liz, Co-founder, Response and reason

A very easy to use, thought provoking and incisive business tool.  In one day you can get around to doing something that you should have done years ago

Adrian Lerrard, Managing Director, IDEASCorp

Simple and easy to use the Business Planning HQ Toolkit produces a very impressive document from the information collated. This document would have taken us months to generate – we did it all before lunch! Amazing!

I would definitely recommend the Business Planning HQ Toolkit. It makes a daunting task easy.

We now have a Business Plan that is professional, gives us direction and focus and has allowed us to understand our business position better.

Adrian Kat   Vicky Ho  United Martial Arts,    Advanced Dental Artistry

The Business Planning HQ Toolkit process was an extremely efficient process to achieve a useful and meaningful business plan. Not only was it a well-structured sequence of steps it also allowed for a high degree of creativity that flowed naturally.  With the results in less than eight hours I was able to produce a comprehensive and practical business plan that would normally take months or work. The creative process brought many new insights as to how to build profitability and sustainability for my business.

James Bergin                                   Brandwidth

The Business Planning HQ Toolkit is a thorough, thought provoking process. I would have appreciated the opportunity to be better prepared .i.e. an email with a list of information required e.g. financials and logo so the end document could be more accurate given time constraints.

I would highly recommend the Business Planning HQ Toolkit.

The Business Planning HQ Toolkit is a simple thorough process to complete a large complicated task – a BIG step forward.

Tim and Liz Hamblin       Masterblasters Pty Ltd

The Business Planning HQ Toolkit is an awesome toolkit, easy to use and comprehensive whilst being nicely detailed. The output looked great and in all it was a very satisfying process.

I would recommend the Business Planning HQ Toolkit because you do only the important tasks you need to do and the “fluff” is filled in for you – your energy is directed to the right place! The Business Planning HQ Toolkit ‘forces’ you to think about your business and is able to be completed in a day or two.

The Business Planning HQ Toolkit clarified my ideas, illuminated SWOT and market niche and made me face financials.

Thank you Marcus for developing this user friendly and detailed product and all the best to you.

Julia Watson     (Company in Development phase)



Earlier Testimonials - Jan to September 2011

"The question based approach really does work!  It is like having a private consultant sitting with me throughout the process, but for less than 10% the cost.  Very happy with the time-frames and business plan we created together.  Would highly recommend this approach."

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

"Thank you.  This question led planning approach saved me at least a week of being lost in the dark.  It also enabled me to focus my strategy and business model.  This not only assisted me to create a business plan fast, but also guided the direction the business will take in the future."

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"I don't know why more companies don't use this approach.  It like having a consultant working for you.  Thank you for assisting me to plan my building business.  Whilst the result is a document, I appreciate the guidance this has provided me.

Albury, New South Wales, Australia

"I spent weeks looking for the best way to create my business plan.  I have no doubt that I found it.  The results are highly professional and well beyond anything I would have created (regardless of how long I spent) without your assistance.

Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom

 Having completed the HyperQuestion Toolkit and received the final Business Plan, I must congratulate your company on producing an excellent solution that offers the best elements of a consultant for little more than the cost of software.  It delivers a much more comprehensive and professional business plan than Maus or any other business planning templates I have used in the past.

The innovative format not only requires the business operator to consider “all” facets of the business, but also provides a “business valuation” of the respective business, which I have not seen in any other Business Planning product.

Thanks for providing such an important business tool.

Geoff Whelan CPA, Managing Director, Surgiclamp, Melbourne Australia